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At YPA we give young adults (Au Pairs, Students, Hostel Traveler, Roadtripper, J1 Students) the opportunity to break away from routine and go on an adventure free from everyday stresses and limitations. In the safe hands of our certified tour leaders, the trips we offer allow participants to leave their responsibilities behind and embrace the true freedom of travel alongside new friends.

YPA was founded by tour guides and world travelers on a mission to make a difference. We strive to inspire young people to express themselves while experiencing the awesomeness the world has to offer, and we believe there’s no better way to do that than through adventure travel

Travel with us like local

We love to explore new places and show you real local life. When looking for exciting new destinations to take you to, the first order of business after ticking off the main sites is talking to the locals. Where do they go? What spots do they hang out at? You will always find the most surprising places where you least expect them. When you go to the Grand Canyon, for example, everyone walks the same path and spots at the same places. Little do they know that if you walk just a bit off the beaten path, breathtaking sights await you for your own private viewing.

Sharing is Caring 

Our greatest memories are made by the people we’re with!

There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a group of people come together to share a journey, and leave with fresh memories and new friends from all over the world.

We are young & broke,

let's create memories 

Au pairs, students, solo travelers - our trips are made up of young like-minded travelers looking to have fun and explore. If you want to see famous sites and explore all on a short budget, this is the place for you. Pick a trip that excites you most and get ready for a life altering adventure!

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On that note, here at YPA we can't wait to see you!

On one of our unique trips. You only are young once, Adventure with us.

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