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Most of you have probably never heard of many of these places or consider Scandinavia a top destination. Here at YPA, we bring you new adventures and unforgettable experiences, and sometimes that means visiting a place you don’t expect. Bergen may sound like an old, boring, cruise-ship town, but one of our YPA staff members decided to check it out and came out with jaw-dropping memories. This is why we packed Scandinavia and its beautiful Fjords in a very special adventure for a young, budget-conscious traveler. This why we call our Scandinavia trip ScandiWOW!


2 nights

Group size:

Max 14

ScandiWOW! Scandi… What?


6 nights

All Camping Meals


The perfect trip for?

This is the perfect YPA trip if you don’t or can’t travel all the way to the USA or have been already on other YPA trips. You will already be familiar with how we roll and know we gear all our trips toward the young adult seeking adventure on a budget.

Welcome to Scandinavia

The starting point for this epic Nordic journey is Bergen in Norway, just a 1.5-hour flight from Germany. Scandinavia is more than cold weather and snow. It’s one of the most underestimated places as rated by young travelers. This adventure of a lifetime takes you to from Bergen to Sognafjord, the largest Fjords in Norway, reaching depths of 1,308 meters and stretching 205 kilometers long. Combine that with the surrounding mountains reaching heights of 2,000 meters and you are sure to witness beauty wherever you go.

What's Included

6 Camp Nights, 2 Hotel Nights, 1 Hostel Night

All Camping Meals

Scenic Flam Railway Ride

Flam Valley Bicycle Adventure

Epic Fjord Boat Cruise

All Train transfers

Camping Equipment*

All Park Entrances

*Sleeping bags are not provided; please bring your own.

Day 1: Bergen - So Norway

Bergen is Norway summarized in a beautiful city. It’s San Francisco the Norwegian way. The city, full of life and culture. In this “must-visit” city, you will find Bryggen, listed by Unesco as a World Heritage site; exceptional old houses; a vibrant fish and flower market; cable cars offering stunning views; great museums; dynamic culture, and more. And yes, this is a student city! Large student population ensures the city has a buzzy bar scene and nightlife. We will start out drive towards Voss (this is where the fancy water comes from!) for our first camping night. On the way, we will stop a grocery store to get some supplies. Your tour leader will organize our shopping spree and together, we will buy everything we need for delicious camp meals. In the afternoon, we will set up camp. For you, that means setting up your tents. Tents are shared, for two of you it will be a breeze to set up your tent. The exact type of ten can vary, but we often use Igloo type of tents. After showing you how to get started on camp life, your tour guide will set up all the cooking equipment and together we can cook our first camping meal. S’more’s anybody? Location: Voss, Norway Transport: Grouped Driving Camping Night

Day 2: Voss – Roadtrip Adventures

Travel 25km (15.3 miles) through the impressive man-made marvel, the Laerdal Tunnel, which is the longest road tunnel in the world – and it cuts though 3 caves. Get back to nature on our journey through Norway’s rugged wilderness and take in the spectacular Boyabreen glacier, as well as the 200km long Sognefjord. The day will start by heading to Norway’s adventure capital, Voss, then continue to cross the magnificent Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. From Sognefjord, head north and continue to Fjærlands Road, where you will see the graceful Jostedal Glacier. View points, scenic drives & small hikes (that anyone can do) are just a few your Tour Leader will know to offer. Does Voss sound familiar to you? It’s because this is where the Famous Fancy Pansy Voss water comes from! We’ll basically drink it for free and use it as our tap water. Location: Voss, Norway Transport: Grouped Driving Camping Night

Day 3: The Flam Valley

All aboard as we jump on the Flam railway. Does a train ride sound like a boring activity that our parents or grandparents would do? Think again. This train ride, voted one of the 20 best in the world, takes you over Norway’s “mountainous rooftop” and through charming villages like Gol and Geilo. In Flam, you’ll switch trains to the Flåm Railway. From the Myrdal we’ll grab some bikes for 20 km ride with a 900-metre descent to the beautiful village of Flåm. This is guaranteed the most spectacular bicycle ride you will ever do! 20 km biking sounds a lot. Is this something for me? The Flam bicycle ride is rated as being of medium difficulty. It’s mostly a descend. This is not a bicycle trek or expedition. While, of course, it takes some effort to paddle the bicycle, the trip is frequently done by families and youngsters aged from 6 to 99. The goal is not to arrive as quick as possible in the Valley but to have an enjoyable, relaxed day in the Flam Valley. Our tour leader will show us the way and adapt the ride to the group. We will take all time we need. We’ll pack some picnic lunch in the morning and make frequent stops along the way. Please bring a backpack for this journey. Still unsure? Check out this YouTube video:
Location: Flam Valley, Norway Transport: Grouped Driving Camping Night YPA Awesomeness included: - World’s most beautiful train ride
- Bicycle Ride back to Flam

Day 4: Adventure the Epic Fjords

Today we switch into chill and relax mode. We’ll cruise by boat onto the Aurlandsfjord and into the World Heritage-listed Nærøyfjord, the narrowest fjord in Europe. This is perhaps the most beautiful and wildest arm of the Sognefjord, with its tall mountains, mighty waterfalls and small farms clinging to the steep mountainsides. The picture perfect scenes keep coming, complete with dramatic waterfalls pouring down the sides of massive sheer rock walls. This is an awe-dropping experience. While very “touristy”, in some ways, once you get disconnected and fall for the epic nature, you will experience a life-altering journey. What looks initially like a basic river boat ride ends in a view of mountain, glacier summits & picturesque Norwegian ancient villages. Tonight, we’ll enjoy our last camping night together. What is a Fjord? The Fjords are to Norway what the Grand Canyon is to the USA, or what the Himalaya is to Nepal. Jaw-dropping narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier. Videos say more than 1000 words: Location: Flam Valley, Norway Camping Night Grouped Driving YPA Awesomeness included: Fjord boat cruise

Day 6: Oslo

Eye-catching architecture, world-class museums and the vibrant social scene make Oslo the perfect city with a special combination of nature and city life. In Oslo, street art rubs shoulders with historic palaces, new wave coffee shops and microbreweries cozy up with great museums, and bars heave well into the night. Then there’s the vast parks, cutting-edge architecture and stunning waterfronts. Once checking off the must-see tourist spots, we’ll do Oslo the local way Visit Grünerløkka lufthavn (yes, that means airport – but it’s not an airport), which is run by a creative cooperative and housed in an old school building. As well as studios and rehearsal space for locals, a tucked-away café offers a friendly spot to mingle with the artsy or just enjoy some bites and booze with a backdrop of live bands, jazz, DJs or whatever else has been organized. This afternoon, you can have some free time to explore or we can stay together as a group. Into nightlife? Let’s hit some bars tonight. Location: Oslo, Norway Shared Accommodation: Hostel / Hotel or Overnight Train Transport: Train

Day 7: Stockholm

Today we’ll catch an early start and take the train to Stockholm. Stockholm is a cosmopolitan city and there are many things to see! Depending on our arrival time we’ll check in to our accommodation first or simply drop the luggage there. One of the first things we want to do is stroll through Gamla Stan, the famous Old town. Wander the narrow and winding cobblestone streets, gawk at the beautiful architecture of old colorful buildings, and just spend a couple of hours wondering around Gamla Stan to feel the essence of the city. Tired walking around? Then check out Fika! Stockholm has amazing food halls. Fika is a Swedish type of Spanish siesta, a time of the day when you enjoy a cup of coffee, or tea with local pastries. If you want to see more of Stockholm than the typical tourist areas, this tour is for you. Söder is hip, bohemian, and fun. It also has some of the most amazing views of Stockholm and we’ll see them on the tour! Södermalm, or Söder [pronounced “soeh-der”] for short, is the trendiest area in Sweden, and a hipster hangout rivalling New York’s Brooklyn and London’s Shoreditch. In the 1600’s, though, this was the poorest area in Stockholm. So what happened? Join the us and you’ll find out! We also want to see Stockholm’s nature side: There are 30,000 little islands located just 20 minutes away from Stockholm – it is a crime not to pay them a visit! Let’s take a Boat ride and check out Stockholm country side life. Location: Stockholm, Sweden Shared Accommodation: Hostel/Hotel Transport: Train

Day 8: Stockholm

Spend the morning exploring the city with your newfound friends and your tour leader, shopping for souvenirs. This tour ends at approximately 17:00 hrs. We can book you post tour accommodation at our gateway hotel, if required. If you are planning to fly tonight, please do not book your flight to early. That leaves you time to explore more of the city! Location: Stockholm

Day 5: Soak in the Scandinavian Beauty

Today, after a last day in the beautiful nature of Norway, we will catch our train to Oslo. Depending on availability, we will catch the overnight train, Today, after a last day in the beautiful nature of Norway. It’s also our last camping morning! Enjoy for a last time the quiet of nature and the adventure of camping life. The program today is flexible and it’s really up to you! Another view point? Another small hike? Or a spot we had no time to visit? Your tour leader knows the area best and will provide many suggested adapted to our group. Later today we will catch our train to Oslo. Depending on availability, we may take the overnight train. Location: Bergen Area, Norway Shared Accommodation: Hostel / Hotel or Overnight Train Transport: Train





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The basics

Info I should Know

Group Drive Concept

YPA will provide 3 comfortable tour cars. One is driven by your professionally-trained tour leader. The 2 other cars will be driven by participants who voluntarily sign up for it and receive, as a thank you, a discount on their trip. You will be asked when applying for the trip if you would like to be a driver. The task of a driver is simple: follow the tour leader.




On ScandiWOW, we drive for 4 days, a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 drivers will be needed. We assign drivers on a first come, first serve basis. While drivers will receive a discount on their trip, it should not be the reason to sign up for the trip. A driver’s role is to follow the tour leader and GPS instructions in the unlikely event that you get lost.

Why are we using the Group Drive Concept in Scandinavia?

In many of our destinations, we use the Guide-Driver concept. A professionally-trained Driver-Guide leads trip. Typically, he/she dives a 15 bus/mini-van with a trailer for luggage. In Scandinavia E.U., regulations prohibit that concept. You can charter Mini or Big Buses with a separate driver. At YPA, we noticed that having a separate driver on young adults tours that include camping and many awesome adventure stops takes away from our core values of fostering small size adventure travel groups where.

Meeting Your Fellow Travelers

YPA is here to make you feel at home and bring people together, regardless if you travel solo or with a group of friends. Whether you are an au pair, student, young professional, or simply like to travel the world, simple things like rotating the seats in the tour van or grocery shopping together will make it a breeze to make new friend.

Included Meals

All camping meals are included on your trip. Your tour leader will always inform you ahead of time whether or not a meal will be included. While the number of included meals are always the same, we keep it flexible and up to you & your tour guide when a meal is included. This allows the tour leader to run a trip tailored to his specific group and the plans for that day.


Your tour leader will make sure you are comfortable and get answers all your questions. We plan to make groceries stops together and, if time allows, help you find stores for other supplies (like a sleeping bag).

Departure & Arrival times

Most departures from campgrounds are early in the morning, 8:30 AM or much earlier, depending on the next destination.

Flexible Itinerary

All tours go to the same places, but on-site activities depend on the group, day, and tour leader. Your tour leader’s mission is to show your group the best possible places and activities, and make sure that you get the most of your trip!

Your Day as a Group

Your tour guide will tailor a daily program adapted to the group as a whole. If there is a particular activity you want to do or you do not want to take part in an activity, just let your tour leader know.

Language spoken on the trip

The main language your tour leader will speak is English so everyone can understand what’s going on. However, often times your tour leader will speak a second language. At the end of the day, so many nationalities come together that we end up in a cultural melting pot. You don’t need to speak good English at all.

Summer Weather in Scandinavia

Be sure to bring some warm weather for camping nights. During the day, temperatures are around 20 C, but at Night it can drastically cool down to below 10 degrees! Thinner warm clothes from the winter, such as long sleeves or long underwear for the night & a good sleeping bag are definitely recommended!