Build your own trip For Free


STEP 1: Where do you want to go?


Whether it’s just an idea or you have already a set itinerary, let us know. We can create your itinerary from scratch or give you some feedback on your existing travel plans. Chances are, one of your tour guides has been to places you want to visit.


Once we receive your request, we will get back to you shortly with free tips and advices, best spots to visit and places not to miss. We will also provide a FREE QUOTE to you on how much it would cost to run your trip with YPA a group trip!


STEP 2: go with us

If you like our quote, we can make this a group trip for you. Group trips are substantially cheaper than going alone or with just a couple of friends.  If you get together a group of 8 or more, we can oversee all aspects of the trip for you:

  • Book hostel/hotels/Campgrounds (we get group deals)

  • Provide a tour van (up to 14 passengers) with a professional guide who is used to lead YPA trips  (aged 25 to 38 max)

  • Provide picnic equipment (Cool boxes, stove, plates, cups…etc.)

  • accounting and payments, send confirmation notices and invoices to your group members


If your trip involves camping we

  • Provide all necessary equipment for camping : tents & mats (just bring a sleeping bag)

  • Cooking Equipment

During the trip your Leader will:

  • Guide the trip

  • Organize additional & optional activities


Check out the YPA trip style by looking on our current trips


STEP 3: want to go for free or almost free?


All you need to do is convince your friends to go on a fabulous vacation, and we'll take care of the organizing. YPA will create customized digital flyers & banners, making specific details about your trip easy to communicate to people around you.

As the Group Organizer you will get a 50% Discount on your trip if you manage to get a group of 8 people together. If you manage to assemble a group of 14 people (13 + you), you go for free.

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