Cali Dream

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Cali Dream - Starting from Los Angeles or San Francisco, the “Cali Dream” features the best of the Southwest and California in one trip. Let the Grand Canyon take your breath away before you party in a Las Vegas limo, then explore your hippie side in San Francisco. This is the real Californian road trip, loaded with fun and adventure! 

The itinerary below shows the San Francisco to Los Angeles route. Choose your starting location based on preferred date and ending destination.


6 nights


3 nights

Group size:

Max 14

Yosemite National Park
Death Valley
Las Vegas
Grand Canyon
Los Angeles
Route 66
San Diego

All Camping Meals

What's Included

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6 Camp Nights, 2 Hotel Nights, 1 Hostel Night

All Camping Meals (6 Breakfasts - 6 Lunches - 6 Dinners)

2 hr Surf Lesson

Camping Equipment*

All Park Entrances

*Sleeping bags are not provided; please bring your own.


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Day 1: San Francisco City of Lights

On your first day, you’ll meet your tour leader and fellow travelers at the tour meeting point found in your e-mail welcome pack. We’ll kick things off by visiting some epic sites, such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman’s Wharf, before moving on to some secret spots your tour leader knows about. Excited for day one? In the afternoon we’ll drive to the Yosemite National Park for our first camping night. We’ll stop at a grocery store and grab anything we need, so don’t worry about supplies. When we reach the campsite in the afternoon we’ll all set up our tents*. After showing you how to get started on your first camping adventure, your tour leader will set up all the cooking equipment so we can enjoy our first camping meal! S’more’s, anyone? *Tents are shared, so for two of you, setting up is a breeze. The exact type of tent can vary, but we often use Igloo tents. Location: San Francisco, California Accommodation: Camping night

Day 2: Yosemite National Park

In the morning after breakfast we will load up the tour van and drive to Yosemite National Park, America’s first National Park, which features massive granite rocks, huge waterfalls, and breathtaking views. Fun fact: the park consists of over 1,000 miles of hiking trails and is almost the size of the Netherlands!) Occassionaly, during the end of summer, Yosemite’s waterfalls are dried out. In these cases we'll spend time at a beautiful alpine lake or go on a few small, beginner hikes. This is beauty of having your tour leader! There are always lots of great options which can be decided depending on what you prefer. After a scenic drive on the Tioga Pass road with amazing views over the Sierra Nevada, we'll stop for the night in a town called Bishop, near Death Valley. Time for our second group dinner, who's hungry? Location: Yosemite National Park, California Accommodation: Camping Night

Day 3: Death Valley and Las Vegas

It's time to get excited for Las Vegas! Before we arrive in Sin City, though, we'll spend an amazing day in the Death Valley National Park. Rumors say that here there is water or people to be found, and that the Death Valley is the hottest place on earth! Well, one thing is for sure, it certainly is hot! Experience the fabled Death Valley and while you're there, try to imagine how the Native American Timbisha Shoshone tribe lives there still to this day! Enjoy a scenic drive of Death Valley with a few stops to stretch our legs and snap some amazing photos. Fun fact: there used to be roaring volcano here, the remains of which can be seen by the Ubehebe Crater caused by a volcanic steam explosion. After a long drive, it’s finally time for Las Vegas, the "entertainment capital of the world"! Tonight we'll get together for some Vegas style fun with a limo party (optional), stop by the world-famous Vegas sign, and paint the town red the YPA way!

Location: Death Valley, California and Las Vegas, Nevada

Accommodation: Hotel Night

Optional Awesomeness: 2hr Limo Party

Day 4: Las Vegas

After a fun party evening, it’s your time to explore Las Vegas at your own pace. Some of you maybe want to sleep in and take a day to recharge, others prefer to chill out by the pool. For anyone not sure what to do or where to go, that's what your tour leader is there for! Just ask and they'll provide a great list of options. Among some of the main activities available, Las Vegas has five casino hotels that you don’t want to miss: 1) The Bellagio Las Vegas, with a beautiful fountain show; 2) New York - New York Hotel and its crazy rollercoaster; 3) Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino with its huge reproduction of the Eiffel Tower; 4) Ceasars Palace from the movie Hangover; 5) The Venetian Las Vegas, with real gondolas inside! There are loads of great things to see during the day, and the evening is the perfect time to catch a Vegas show. Just ask your tour leader and they'll assist you with finding shows. There are plenty of activities for all ages, so be prepared to have fun!

Location: Las Vegas

Accommodation: Hotel Night

Day 5: The Grand Canyon

You've heard about it, you've read it about it, you've even seen the pictures of it on Instagram! Now open the door of the tour van to marvel at it with your own eyes... it's the Grand Canyon! All 16km (10mi) of it, with a 1,634-meter vertical drop, and the Colorado River running through the middle.

Nothing beats the real thing, and after a 4.5 hr drive, we quickly set up camp then head off to explore. Your tour leader will take you to the best viewpoints for the perfect picture, and we'll usually enjoy a short, easy hike.

Want to see the Grand in all its glory? There's an optional helicopter flight which will fly you right over the centre of it! Just ask your tour leader for information.

Fun fact: you can even see this 7th wonder of the world from space!

Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Accommodation: Camping Night

Optional Awesomeness: Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon

Day 6: Route 66

Today we head to Lake Havasu, a desert lake on the Colorado River. Here you can cool off in the water, soak up some sun and even sleep outside with very mild temperatures. On the drive, it's time to introduce you to another awesome piece of American history: Route 66! Known as the “Mother Road”, it was made to connect urban and rural America from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles, crossing eight states and three time zones. Today, most of us know Route 66 from the movie "Cars". Maybe we will even spot one of the original cars!

Location: Lake Havasu, Arizona

Accommodation: Camping Night

Day 7: San Diego

Welcome back to California! On Day 7, we've got a lengthy drive (roughly 6 hours) through the Mojave Desert and passed the Coachella Valley, where the famous music festival is each year, before arriving in San Diego. You'll be amazed by the change of scenery as we get to the city. With miles of sandy beaches, comfortable weather and a very relaxed vibe, San Diego has it all. We'll be camping for two nights in this historical place, which is also considered the birthplace of California! We'll head out to explore, seeing the Old Town San Diego, Downtown Gaslamp District (famous for its architecture), and Coronado Island. Here, we'll be so close to Mexico that you can even take the tramway to the Mexican border and quickly walk over!

Location: San Diego, California

Accommodation: Camping Night

Day 8: San Diego Surf Vibes

In the morning of Day 8, we'll continue to explore San Diego and explore some spots we didn't see the day before, then it’s time to check out the waves when YPA takes you on your very own surf lesson! The Surf School at Mission Beach will provide you with a wetsuit, surfboard and 2 hours of surf instructions. San Diego is the perfect spot to try surfing for the first time because the waves are smooth and the ocean is calm. Ready to hang loose? In the afternoon, we'll continue San Diego exploration and see where the mood takes us! Options include real traditional Mexican food at the Mexican border, and much more!

Location: San Diego, California

Accommodation: Camping Night

Included YPA Awesomeness: 2 hr Surf Lesson

Day 9: Los Angeles

This is the last full day of the tour and we’re on our way to Los Angeles to see the world famous cities of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Venice Beach! Hollywood is famous for the Hollywood sign, of course, as well as the stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, of which there are over 2,600! Beverly Hills is supposedly where plenty of celebrities go shopping, on Rodeo Drive. Which celebrity will you spot? To finish off the day, we’ll try to catch the sunset at Venice Beach, famous for its Skate Bowl and Muscle Beach!

Location: Los Angeles, California

Accommodation: Hostel/Hotel

Day 10: Los Angeles

This is officially the last day of the tour, what an incredible trip! Now you can feel free to take advantage of LA with your newfound travel friends! Store the luggage at the arrival hostel or go ahead and extend your stay. You can check out the Santa Monica Pier, rent a bike and cruise along the beach or simply soak up some sun. Thinking of going to the Universal Studios Theme Park? Make sure to add an extra night to your trip as it takes at least ¾ of a day to visit the world famous park. The best way to get around LA is by using the Lyft or Uber taxi apps. There is public transport, but it’s not always convenient. Ask your tour leader for more advice! LAX airport is about 35 minutes from Santa Monica. Many YPA travelers who cannot stay an extra night decide to book a late-night departure or red-eye (Overnight flight). We hope you enjoyed your trip as much as we did. We look forward to having another adventure with you soon!

Location: Los Angeles and Santa Monica, California

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SF - 21.SEp & 30.SEP

LA - 3.OCT & 12.OCT

LA - 12.SEP & 21.SEP

SF - 31.AUG & 9.SEP










LA - 22.AUG & 31.AUG

SF - 10.AUG & 18.AUG

LA - 1.AUG & 10.AUG

SF - 20.july & 29.JULY

LA - 11.JuLY & 20.JULY

SF - 29.JUNE & 8.JULy

LA - 20.JUNE & 29.JUNE

SF - 8.JuNE & 17.JUNE

LA - 30.MAY & 8.JUNE






departures 2019

SF - 18.may & 27.MAY



The basics

Info I should Know

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Meeting Your Fellow Travelers

YPA is here to make you feel at home and bring people together, regardless if you travel solo or with a group of friends. Whether you are an au pair, student, young professional, or simply like to travel the world, simple things like rotating the seats in the tour van or grocery shopping together will make it a breeze to make new friends.

Included Meals

All camping meals are included on your trip. Your tour leader will always inform you ahead of time whether or not a meal will be included. While the number of included meals are always the same, we keep it flexible and up to you & your tour guide when a meal is included. This allows the tour leader to run a trip tailored to his specific group and the plans for that day.


Your tour leader will make sure you are comfortable and get answers all your questions. We plan to make groceries stops together and, if time allows, help you find stores for other supplies (like a sleeping bag).

Driving Times

Driving times vary depending on the program of the day. In general, a short driving day is about 3 hours, and a long driving day can be up to 6+. We rarely simply drive from A to B. On the drives, we will make stops to explore awesome view points and the local culture. After all, half the fun is getting there!

Departure & Arrival times

Most departures from campgrounds are early in the morning, 8:30 AM or much earlier, depending on the next destination.

Flexible Itinerary

All tours go to the same places, but on-site activities depend on the group, day, and tour leader. Your tour leader’s mission is to show your group the best possible places and activities, and make sure that you get the most of your trip!

Your Day as a Group

Your tour guide will tailor a daily program adapted to the group as a whole. If there is a particular activity you want to do or you do not want to take part in an activity, just let your tour leader know.

Language spoken on the trip

The main language your tour leader will speak is English so everyone can understand what’s going on. However, often times your tour leader will speak a second language. At the end of the day, so many nationalities come together that we end up in a cultural melting pot. You don’t need to speak good English at all.